What scholarships are available for non-traditional students?

Hi, I need help finding a scholarship. I got into a community college and will go part-time. It’s tough to find scholarships for students like me who graduated from high school a while ago, in 2015.

Hey. So sorry for your troubles, while I also acknowledge the difficulty of non-traditional students to secure scholarships, I think the Sallie Mae Scholarship might help you. I think they award a meager $2000. Other scholarships exist also, just check with the institution that you wish to go to. My niece wanted to join Indiana University, and they have great options there. But you must have also scored great grades since the process is really competitive

Certainly, you can get some scholarship as a traditional student to help you aide your fees.
Examples of this scholarship include:

  • Sloane Stephens Doc & Glo Scholarship
  • Overcoming Adversity Cariño Scholarship
  • Rebecca Hunter Memorial Scholarship

You can check the scholarships’s official websites for more information on how you can apply