Where can I find information about the Tide Downy scholarship?

I heard about the Downy scholarship in ads, and when I searched for it online, I found lots of websites talking about it. But the problem is, most of these websites are just collecting data, like Scholarship Owl. Even though I gave them my information, I still couldn’t find the actual scholarship application. Has anyone here found the real place to apply for it?

It sounds like you might be encountering some scam websites. The best way to apply for the Downy scholarship would be to visit the official website of Downy or trusted scholarship directories like Fastweb or College Board. Always be cautious of websites that seem to collect data without providing legitimate scholarship opportunities.

It may be possible that all the websites you are encountering are all spam.
Therefore you should be keen to find the official website of the website for applications.
In addition, you can also check other sites which give credit to the company…