Why do you want this scholarship and how will it help you with your goals?

This question stumps me, and have to write at least 150 words answering it. Why do I want the scholarship? To save 500 bucks. And if I win I’ll feel good haha. How will it help me with my goals? It’ll help pay tuition, I guess, I mean isn’t that obvious?

You’re right, saving $500 is definitely a perk of winning a scholarship.

But there’s probably a deeper reason why you’re applying for scholarships in the first place.

When writing this kind of essay or answering this question, certain things should be kept in mind.
These are:

  • Begin with a captivating personal story.
  • Share the inspiration behind your career goals.
  • Clearly outline your educational and career objectives.
  • Explain how the scholarship will assist in achieving these goals.
  • Emphasize the positive impact of your aspirations.
  • Conclude with gratitude and proofread for errors.

Here is a sample:

I aspire to pursue a career in social work to make a difference in people’s lives, inspired by volunteering at a soup kitchen. However, college costs pose a challenge, despite my efforts to save money. This scholarship would alleviate financial burdens, allowing me to focus on my education and internships. With fewer work hours, I can fully dedicate myself to academic and professional growth, honing the skills needed to serve communities effectively. Moreover, this scholarship represents support and encouragement, reinforcing my commitment to social work. It would empower me to achieve my goals and make a positive impact on society. Gratefully, I embrace this opportunity to pursue my passion and create meaningful change in the world.